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What Inserts Should I Include with my Wedding Invites?

General Wedding Stationery Help

July 1, 2019

Planning your wedding stationery suite when you have a LOT of information to give to (or get from) your guests doesn't need to be difficult. Here at Moments that Unite, we offer a variety of different wedding invite inserts designed to make this process easier whilst perfectly matching the rest of the wedding stationery suite.

RSVP cards

The most commonly used invite insert by far and away is RSVP cards. These are used to collect responses from your guests about whether or not they can attend your wedding. We offer three types - standard, song request and dietary requirements; however you can add any question you need! RSVP cards are most useful if you want your guests to reply by post. If you're requesting text, email or phone responses, RSVP cards might not be as necessary for you.

Custom RSVP Inserts | Custom Wedding Stationery from Moments that Unite

Wedding breakfast menu inserts

If you need meal choices from your guests in advance for your caterers, menu inserts can really help you to achieve this. These cards can be adapted to include whatever arrangement of courses that you might have whilst still matching the rest of your wedding stationery suite. There's also space for a couple lines of text if you need to give specific instructions or dietary information relating to your chosen menu.

Custom Menu Inserts | Custom Wedding Stationery from Moments that Unite

Guest information cards

Sometimes there's just too much information to cram onto your wedding invitations. Perhaps you're getting married abroad, in the middle of nowhere, have a specific dress code or gift ideas… whatever it might be, you need somewhere to write this information! That's where our guest information cards come in. Every house Moments that Unite wedding stationery suite features a guest information card. We have designed these to be adaptable enough to be able to work for any information that you need to give your guests without compromising the design integrity of your stationery suite.

Custom Guest Information Inserts | Custom Wedding Stationery from Moments that Unite

And everything else you can dream of

On top of the inserts that we offer as a standard part of all of our house wedding stationery suites, there is a whole world of inserts that we can create for you if needed. Think poems, songs, maps, order of service, hymns, messages from the couple's parents or whatever else you can dream of. The world is your oyster!

Whatever information it is that you need to get to (or from!) your guests, there's sure to be a wedding invite insert that ticks your boxes. If you've got an idea or requirement for an insert that we don't currently offer as standard, pop us an email on with any information and ideas you can give us and we'll be in touch with a free, no obligation quote!

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