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Wedding Stationery Checklist

General Wedding Stationery Help

July 19, 2019

When thinking about wedding stationery, most people naturally just think of wedding invitations, perhaps RSVP cards, and that’s about all. There’s so much more to it than just invites – but, of course, you can pick and choose what you need in order to suit the two of you best! Your wedding day is all about the pair of you – why should your wedding stationery be any different?


You’ve just gotten engaged – congratulations! The first item of wedding stationery that is entirely dependent on whether or not the couple want to go for it is engagement invitations. If you’re having a party to celebrate, then why not start as you mean to go on and invite your guests in style? Of course, engagement parties are much more common in the United States than they are in the UK – but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have one!

Engagement Invitations | Moments that Unite

Before the Wedding

You’ve picked your date, and perhaps even booked your dream venue – yay! It’s an exciting time. Now the ball is starting to roll, it might be worth thinking about pre-warning your guests of your plans. This can be especially important if you’re getting married in a far-flung location, or if you’re planning years in advance and want people to have time to arrange travel, childcare or whatever else might be necessary. That’s where Save the Date and Save the Evening cards come in.

Here at Moments that Unite, we offer a huge range of Save the Date and Save the Evening cards with many designs matching our full house wedding stationery suites. There’s something for everyone – we have funny, cute and unique designs, plus – we can offer a totally bespoke package if you want stationery that is all about you from the ground up!

Save the Date & Save the Evening Cards | Moments that Unite

Invitations, RSVPs and more

Your wedding is quickly approaching – now is the time to start thinking about sending your wedding invitations and any supporting items you need out. Wedding invitations aren’t the only stationery product to consider – there’s guest information, poems, directions, RSVP cards, menus and so much more that you can add to customise your perfect suite.

Wedding & Reception Invitations

Invitations are often the first thing people think of when they hear “wedding stationery”.That’s not shocking really – for a lot of couples, invitations are a given and the bare minimum required to get all the information needed to your guests to enable them to attend. Both wedding and reception invitations contain details of dates, times and locations and often have space for RSVP information if you aren’t sending separate RSVP cards out.

RSVP Cards

If you want your guests to respond by post, a great way to encourage this is to send separate RSVP cards out with your invitations. These cards have space for your guests to write their names and indicate whether or not they will be able to attend. Some designs of RSVP at Moments that Unite also contain space for guests to leave information about dietary requirements or song requests.

If you need different information included, just send us an email on and we’ll get back to you! We’ve included meat preferences for the wedding breakfast and wine choices for customers in the past – the sky is the limit!

Guest Information

A lot of couples will often find that the amount of space left over on wedding invitations just isn’t enough. You might want to give your guests gift information, directions, details about accommodation or whatever else it might be – and you need somewhere to do it! That’s where guest information cards come in. You can pack these with whatever information it is that you need to include; and that’s why we design our guest information cards to be so adaptable.


If you need to get information to your caterers in advance relating to what meals your guests would like, menu cards are a handy way to do this. You can include these in your invitations and request them back with meal choices initialed alongside your RSVP cards. Easy peasy!

Wedding Invites, RSVP Cards and More | Moments that Unite


The need for wedding stationery doesn’t end the second your guests arrive at your wedding. On the big day itself, there are all kinds of stationery items that you can look into to help your wedding go smoothly.

Order of Service

Often available as either single sheets or folded booklets, Order of Services are great if you want to give your guests a run down of what is happening when along with print outs of any songs, poems or readings that might be taking place. This is also a great place to give little biographies for key members of the wedding party, to leave memorials for loved ones who passed away or to thank anyone who helped out with making the wedding happen.

Seating Plans, Place Cards & Table Numbers

A seating or table plan is an incredibly important product to ensure is in order ahead of the big day. These are commonly displayed on easels at the entrance to the reception and give table names alongside information on who is to sit where. Not only does this help your guests find seats, it can also be a huge help when it comes to waiting staff getting the correct food in front of the right guests.

After the Wedding

Wedding stationery doesn’t even stop after the reception for some couples – there are a few extra items that might be worth you considering.

Wedding Announcements

If you’re either eloping or having a small, intimate ceremony, wedding announcements might be an item that you would consider sending out to your extended family and friends after the ceremony has taken place.

Thank You cards

After the ceremony and perhaps even after you’re back from your honeymoon, thank you cards can be a really lovely, personal way to thank your guests for joining you on your special day, for their well wishes and for any gifts that they gave you.

Despite what many think, wedding stationery isn't all about invitations. You can add as many or as few different products as you like to create a package that works on an incredible level for you. If you need help, have any questions or want to get a quote for a totally bespoke package, send us an email on and we'll be in touch!

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