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Why You Should Spend More Time Thinking About Wedding Invites

General Wedding Stationery Help

June 18, 2020

All things considered, your wedding invitations are one of the smallest aspects of wedding planning. They don’t eat up a huge percentage of your budget, and they aren’t as complicated to arrange as a venue or transport for 200+ people. That being said - wedding invites aren’t something that should just be a spur-of-the-moment decision. They require thoughtful planning and careful consideration to make sure they work for you.

The very first glimpse

Your wedding invitations (or save the date cards, if you’re sending them) are the very first glimpse your guests will have of your forthcoming wedding. Your wedding stationery is therefore the perfect place to show off your theme, or what is going to make your wedding something to remember to all of your guests ahead of the big day.
Show off! Have fun with it! Planning to have bright orange flowers? Include orange on your invites! Planning to get married in a boutique country house hotel? Include that, why not!

It’s all about you, you might as well run with it.

Personalise, personalise, personalise

Every aspect of your wedding invitations should have your names written all over it. Your names, date, how the invitations are worded, colour scheme, all of it needs to scream out that it’s yours. That takes time to get right - make sure you allow that time!

That degree of personalisation should give you an impeccable level of perfection to your finished product. Just remember when making your big plans, perfection takes time. When planning your time frames for your wedding stationery, make sure that you allow plenty of time for them to be printed and to reach you.

Guests need time

Just like your wedding planning didn’t happen overnight, your guests can’t make their decisions overnight either. Making sure your guests find out about your wedding in plenty of time and that they have all the information they could need to make their plans is crucial in saving you a headache later on.

This is especially key if you are getting married abroad, not able to accommodate children, and so things like accommodation, travel and childcare need to be arranged.

Take time - think about what you’d need to know if you were your guests.

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