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The Anatomy of Great Engagement Invitations

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June 29, 2020

Just engaged? Congratulations! Moments that Unite loves love. If you’re planning a party to celebrate, you want engagement invitations that will help you stand out amongst the crowd. Give your guests an invite (and night!) to remember and all that. Read on for our tips on the anatomy of great engagement invitations.

Information, information, information

Most crucially - make sure that you are including all the information your guests could possibly need. Locations, times, dates, if they need to bring anything (we’re big fans of BYOB), dress code, that kind of thing. If you’re stumped, it might help to imagine what YOU would want to know if you were the one being invited. 

Little glimmer at the story

Get engaged in a cute or unique way? Why not add a little glimmer at the story of how the proposal happened to your engagement invitations? It doesn’t need to be anything major - but if comedy or a specific location featured in your proposal, why not include this in your invitations?

Most importantly...

They just have to tell the story of the two of you. Your engagement invitations should be personalised, they should feature fonts you love on a card you just adore. Want something rustic and recycled? Go for our Kraft typewriter range! Like something a little bit special? Why not opt for a shimmering glittering card instead? There’s something for absolutely every couple!

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