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8 Surprising Wedding Statistics

General Wedding Top Tips

October 21, 2019

It comes as no surprise to anyone who has ever been involved with planning a wedding in any way that the time period is ripe with family drama, social faux pas, and of course, lots of money, traditions and people. Read our top 8 surprising wedding statistics that you might not have known.

Average cost: £31,974

Everything seems to be getting more expensive as the years go on - and weddings are no exception to the rule. Surveys or newly-weds in 2019 show that the average cost of their wedding celebrations is now a staggering £31.974.

2/3 of couples go over budget

It's perhaps not surprising with how much weddings can now cost that two thirds of couples go over budget on their wedding spending. Whether that's not realising how much things cost, spending too much on confetti or last-minute changes to arrangements, the costs can tot up quite quickly leading you to go over on your budget.

44% announce engagement on social media  within 24 hours

Gone are the days where engagement announcements in the local paper, or going round to see each member of family individually to announce your forthcoming wedding was the norm. In the digital age, 44% of couples announce their engagement on social media within 24 hours of the event.

Average engagement  length: 20 months

A figure that stays fairly steady - the average length of time between proposal and wedding day is a comfy 20 months; lots of time to debate where your guests can sit, decide the colour of flowers and of course, plan your honeymoon.

Average day guests: 82

When planning the family members, friends and whoever else that the happy couple want at their wedding, the average final guest list sits at 82 - and we felt "average" when planning to have about 50!

Average evening guests: 103

Only a few more than the day guest list - the average number for the evening festivities sits at 103.

3/4 brides take their husband's name

Times are changing - an increasing number of couples now opt for a different way to show commitment with their surname; whether that is double-barreling, smushing them together to create something new, or the groom taking the bride's name. That being send, three quarters of brides still take their husband's surname after marriage.

1/3 couples have a honeymoon and a minimoon

Spending time alone with your new spouse on your honeymoon must just be one of the best bits of your entire wedding. It must be something pretty darn special if a third of couples now have both a honeymoon and a minimoon.

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