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7 Savvy Ways to Save Money on Your Wedding

General Wedding Top Tips

June 23, 2020

Weddings are expensive. Average UK wedding budget is now starting to creep past the £30,000 mark - and for a lot of couples, that just isn’t viable. And that is totally okay! We’re with you on that! Luckily, there are certain things that you can do to help bring down costs across various aspects of your wedding planning. Read on for our top 7 savvy ways to save money on your wedding.

1 - Guest List

Think long and hard about your guest list. You might at first thought want to invite 200+ people to your big day, but if you’re trying to stick to a budget, that might just not be viable. Many venues and caterers can charge quite a lot for each all-day guest on your list, so it might be worth seeing if there are a few names you can cross off. If you can’t cross them off completely, perhaps have a smaller, more intimate ceremony and invite everyone else to the reception only!

2 - Consider changing the day

Saturdays are the most expensive and most popular day to get married. That’s not surprising really - it’s a weekend, so fewer of your guests will have work commitments, and you’ll all have the Sunday to recover before heading back to work!

Of course - that level of popularity leads to an increase in cost, with many venues and some vendors charging considerably more for Saturday weddings because of the increased demand. Consider your date carefully - does it have to be the Saturday, or would the Friday or Sunday work too?

3 - Dual purpose venues

Opting for one venue for both your ceremony and reception can help save on costs in various ways. One way that this can make quite a difference is with transport costs. There’s no need to hire an expensive limo, Mustang or whatever else you like to take the two of you between venues if you’re having it all in the same place!

4 - Skip the open bar

Open bars can get very expensive, very quickly. Rather than opting for an open bar, perhaps allow one paid-for drink per guest, and from there operate a cash bar? It can satisfy your desire to give to your guests, without eating up too much of your budget.

If you want to give your bar a personal touch, why not opt for signature cocktails? Have a tasting session with your bar staff, design a cocktail (or two!), name it after the two of you and take it from there!

5 - DIY

If you’re creative, or have friends who want to help, why not opt to do certain aspects of your wedding yourself? Whether that’s centrepieces for your tables, or finger food for an evening buffet, there are all kinds of ways that you can create certain aspects of your wedding yourself to help save money.

6 - Allow a buffer

Make sure you stick to your budget by allowing a buffer! The sheer magnitude of the task that is wedding planning means that little things can quite quickly be forgotten. Whether it’s cake toppers, a thank you gift for someone who really helped, the bride’s earrings or whatever else, those forgotten extras can all tot up very quickly and lead to many couples going over on their budget. Allow a buffer for these little extras - and if you don’t need the buffer in the end, take it on your honeymoon, put it towards a house, or whatever else takes your fancy.

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