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5 Signs You Might Just Need Help Planning Your Wedding

General Wedding Top Tips

August 19, 2019

If you're starting to wonder whether or not you do in fact need help planning your wedding because it's starting to all feel a little bit overwhelming, read on to find out what we believe the warning signs are that your planning has gotten on top of you.

It's just not any fun anymore

Everyone has a day when they just don't want to plan and would rather lay in bed and cuddle. When these days start getting more and more common (until you're having them more often than not), it's a sign that maybe you should take a step back from the wedding talk and just have some time to yourselves! Book a weekend away, do that thing that the two of you have always wanted to try but never have, or go shopping for something that ISN'T wedding related. Then when you're ready, step back into your to-do-list with the fun bits first!

It's completely taking over your life...

Planning a wedding is a big job - there's all the decoration, the food, the drink and of course, the dress. There's no wonder brides are finding themselves thinking about their wedding planning all day every day, perhaps even being kept up at night by the thought of badly co-ordinated napkins. Even if you aren't actively planning at any given moment, your mind is racing through potential song choices, what colour shoes your bridesmaids should be wearing and how you can best arrange the tables at your wedding breakfast to keep family drama to a minimum.

and your dreams too

Not only are you thinking about the wedding all day every day, but your beauty sleep is getting interrupted too by dreams (good and bad!) of your forthcoming wedding.

Wishing away the days until you can get away

If you're finding yourself wishing days away in countdown of your honeymoon, take a step back! Relax, chill. Your wedding day (and the planning leading up to it) might feel like the last obstacle between you and having sand in your toes and a margarita in your hand, but that doesn't need to be how it is! Relax, take a few days to yourself, leave the wedding planning a wee while.

Bride-zilla is emerging

You snapped at your bridesmaid the other day, your future-husband is stressing you out for not caring about cutlery placement and your inner perfectionist has screamed "I'll just do it myself then!" six times in the last 24 hours... that's the sign that your inner bridezilla is coming out to play and you might not even have noticed it straight away. Take a break!

If any of these 5 signs have rung true with you, maybe it's time you got some help planning your wedding! Whether that's family, friends or a professional wedding planner, passing some of the load off can help you to relax and feel more like yourself without spending all day every day worrying. You don't have to pass off the fun bits - you could keep them for yourself and get someone to help you out with the tedious stuff after all!

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