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10 Quick Tips about Wedding Stationery

General Wedding Stationery Help

February 26, 2020

Whatever stage you’re at in your wedding planning, it’s never too soon to start thinking about and planning your wedding stationery. If you’re having an engagement party and sending save the date cards before your invitations, making sure your style, colours and theme carry on through is important. Read on for our 10 quick tips on wedding stationery.

1) Timings

As with many things in life, making sure your wedding stationery timings make sense is important. If you’re sending save the date cards, aim to send them around a year before your wedding,especially if you’re getting married abroad or are planning a child-free wedding. Besides – there’s no such thing as too much notice.

Often, exact wedding invitation and RSVP timings depend on your venue and caterers. We tend to find that getting your invitations out at least 2-3 months ahead of your RSVP date is the best way to go. Working with the assumption that your caterers and venue need numbers at least four weeks before your wedding, we would usually recommend that you set your RSVP date as at least 6 weeks (if not 8!) before your wedding date.That gives you a couple of weeks to chase guests who haven’t sent their RSVPs or menu choices before your caterer’s deadline.

Timing - 10 Quick Tips about Wedding Stationery - Moments that Unite

2) Find your style

The style of your wedding invitations is important – it should tell the story of the two of you, whilst also giving your guests a little glimpse into what they can expect of your wedding.

Deciding early on – even if it’s vague, will make planning your wedding so much easier. If you’re going for a rustic theme, you want rustic wedding stationery. Perhaps Kraft? If you’re going traditional, maybe a textured, classic white card will be best?

3) Pick your colours

Even if you can’t completely decide on a style, picking colours is certainly a good place to start and is advisable before you even think about ordering wedding stationery. Choosing your colours this early on will allow you to weave this throughout every aspect of your wedding.Even if it’s only a light touch on your early-days stationery, a little sprinkling of your chosen colour(s) will help tie everything together beautifully.

Colours - 10 Quick Tips about Wedding Stationery - Moments that Unite

4) Set the tone for your big day

When done right, the wording of your wedding stationery can give your guests an impression of what to expect incredibly early on. It can help distinguish between traditional weddings, laid back ceremonies or even elopements.

If you’re planning a traditional,formal wedding, how your invitations are worded should be quite traditional and formal too. Think “together with their parents” and “request the pleasure of your company”, for example. If that’s not for you and you’re planning a wedding that’s a little more laid back, you can drop the parents and pleasure of your company for “celebrate with us” or similar.

5) Be specific about who you invite

When you name your invitations,make sure you’re specific! If you’re inviting Jane, for example, and she can bring her partner, inviting “Jane and partner” might just be better than “Jane +1”. Being specific can help to prevent awkward conversations further down the line – especially when relating to the children or families of guests.

Be Specific - 10 Quick Tips about Wedding Stationery - Moments that Unite

6) All the details

Your wedding stationery needs to give your guests all the information they could ever need. The easiest way to work out what to include is to ask yourself – what would I want to know if I was the one being invited?

Your stationery should answer what’s happening, where it’s happening, when it’s happening and who it’s happening with just as a minimum. If there is anything your guests need to know, like accommodation or flight details, this should all be included too to help make everyone’s lives easier.

It’s not just for your guests though – you should use your stationery to help gather the information you need too, whether that’s RSVPs, dietary requirements, song requests or meal choices.

7) Postage costs

If you’re planning to post out every single invitation you send, it might be wise to work out how much it would cost you to send them to avoid any nasty surprises further down the line.We recommend discussing this with your designer to see how they can help you work it out, whether that’s with samples, measurements, weights or whatever it might be. If you work with us, we can certainly help you out with approximate measurements and weights if you wish to get quotes from Royal Mail.

8) Read, read again, and re-read

We always recommend having someone other than yourself and your partner looking over your wedding stationery to check for mistakes. Typos are easy enough to miss at the best of times – but even more so if you’ve been looking at the same information for extended periods of time. We suggest getting a friend or family member just to skim over them, or perhaps read them out loud to yourself to see if you naturally trip up anything that isn’t quite right.

Read and Re-Read AGain - 10 Quick Tips about Wedding Stationery - Moments that Unite

9) Purchase more than you need

IMPORTANT TIP ALERT – always purchase more than you actually need. It gives you breathing room in case guests can’t make it and you want to invite others, or if you accidentally spill tea on one,spell someone’s name wrong, or whatever it is. Most designs have a minimum order quantity – the last thing you want is to have to order 50 more when you could have just added an extra 10 onto your original package.

10) RSVP options

Including RSVP cards designed to be posted back to you with your invitations is all well and good – but could potentially put you at risk of guests forgetting. We recommend including a phone number or email address too so your guests have a choice of ways to RSVP, making them (hopefully!) more likely to remember to do it!

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