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A Step-by-Step Guide to Bespoke Wedding Stationery

April 13, 2019

Find out all there is to know about the bespoke, custom wedding stationery process at Moments That Unite and read up on what you should think about before opting for this option.

For some couples, opting for totally bespoke wedding stationery is an obvious choice. Going bespoke means that you can create something totally unique that reflects both of your personalities in every way possible.

Here at Moments That Unite, we just love creating custom wedding stationery designs for couples who just have to let their individuality shine through in everything that they do. Should you decide to go for bespoke wedding invites with us, you’ll be able to choose between a whole host of different cardstocks, envelopes, fonts, finishing touches and all sorts to help create your perfect finished product.

Before you get carried away...

I’m sure you’re sat there now thinking that going bespoke is just about the best thing ever. Before you get carried away, there are some important factors that the two of you should discuss.


Budget (although boring!) has to be an important consideration when you’re looking at your wedding stationery options. If the percentage of your wedding budget that can be allocated to wedding stationery is relatively small, bespoke is possibly not the best choice for you as costs can be quite a lot higher than shopping exclusively from a designer’s own house collections.


Bespoke wedding stationery suites usually take considerably longer to produce than in-house collections will. Bespoke designers can quite easily spend days working away on a custom design before having an initial proof ready to send to you and that’s before you take into account the time taken to make sure files are print-ready, the printing process itself and quality checking the finished product. If you’ve left ordering your wedding stationery quite late or you need a super-fast turn around, bespoke isn’t likely to be the best option for you.

Booking limitations

Because bespoke wedding stationery tends to attract such a long production time, most designers will only take on a handful of such projects a month. It’s always best to check availability for the month you’ll need to receive your wedding stationery to make sure it’s possible.

Bespoke Wedding Stationery - Moments That Unite
Bespoke Wedding Stationery - Moments That Unite
Bespoke Wedding Stationery - Moments That Unite

So, you’re decided to go for it, here’s what’s next...

So! You’re still with me, that’s great! If you’ve decided that bespoke wedding stationery really is the option that you want to go for, read on to find out what happens next...

Our process

Bespoke wedding stationery is, by it’s very nature, a unique project that varies completely from couple to couple. That being said, our process for bespoke wedding stationery projects will always (at least vaguely!) follow the same 7 step process to make sure that everything is truly perfect.

Initial contact

You like the sound of working with us, and that’s awesome! We’d love to work with you too!

If this sounds like you, pop us a message to with any ideas or requirements you might have and we’ll get back to you to get the ball rolling.

More information

Chances are, when you send your initial contact over, you won’t have answers to every question we have within your email, and that’s totally okay! We’ll respond to you and make sure we have everything that we could possibly need to know about your product requirements, design ideas and turnaround requirements. At this point, we will also check that we have availability in a month that suits you. We only have availability for 6 custom design slots a month at the moment, so it’s important that you check in advance that we can meet your needs!


Once we have all the information that we could possibly need, we’ll go away and spec up your requirements. We’ll go through our own suppliers to try to get the best possible products, calculate timescales for designing, production and anything else that might come up and then quantify the maddening amounts of information with a price for you that you will then receive as part of a written quotation to your contact email address. Quotations are usually completed within 3 working days, however if we’re trying to source something specific or unique for you, this might take a little longer.


You’ve received your quotation, and you’d love to go ahead with us! That’s great news! The next step is payment. We do not always require full payment up front. If you’d rather pay in full up front, that’s great and absolutely fine by us. If this doesn’t work for you, we can instead take a 25% non-refundable deposit with the remainder of the balance due before your order goes to print. If you’d like to discuss payment options, pop as an email on


After payment has been organised, we’ll start work on your bespoke designs. This process may take several days on our end as we play around with design options, fonts, colours and more. As soon as we have an initial design for you, we’ll send you over digital proofs of these to see what you think! At this point, you can request any changes necessary to help us create your perfect bespoke package. If you love it and want to go ahead, just let us know!


After you’ve approved your design, no further changes can be made as we’ll get your order sent straight off to print; often within 24 hours. The printing and production process can take anything from a couple of hours to a couple of days depending on the items, cardstocks and finishes that you’ve ordered. We’ll give you an accurate estimate of the production time when you approve your designs!


After production, we carefully check our orders before sending them out to make sure they reach you in a pristine condition and are exactly as you would expect. If anything is wrong, we’ll get a new batch rushed to print as quickly as possible and let you know about the delay.

Bespoke wedding stationery really is a great option if everything aligns for you in terms of budget, timescale and availability. The level of control over your design can be staggering. Want to chat with us about your ideas? Send us a message through our Contact Us page or email us on

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