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Who Gets a Plus One?

June 16, 2020

Writing a wedding guest list is tricky business. And that’s before you get into the ins and outs of who should and shouldn’t get to bring a plus one. You aren’t alone in feeling this drama - plenty of couples up and down the country all have to have the same conversations again and again; just who do you give a plus one to?


If your budget allows it, tradition says that those in serious relationships should have a plus one. So if your friend is married, engaged or in a long term relationship, perhaps they should be able to bring their significant other along.

The exact ins and outs of this rule depend on the couple - there’s no black and white answer to what is and isn’t considered a serious relationship. Sadly; that is down to the bride and groom’s discretion.

The bridal party

The rules can go out of the window when it comes to the bridal party. You want your bridesmaids to enjoy themselves whilst also thanking them for their help planning the wedding, getting you drunk on your hen night and being supportive throughout the stressful times. Happy bridal party, happy bride.

Returning the favour

Just because someone let you have a plus one to an event, doesn’t mean that you have to return the favour now. Especially if it is going to stretch your budget, cause tension or any other unpleasantries. Be prepared for some tough conversations; however any true friend will understand when you explain why you came to the decision you made.

So, you’ve decided…

If you’ve decided to offer some of your guests the chance to bring a plus one, make sure they know about it! Either invite them by name on your invitations, add a “plus one welcome” message, or just drop your guest a text, call or email to ask them if they would like to bring a plus one. Saves the uncertainties!

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The short answer...

A sticky question. If your budget allows, tradition says those in serious relationships should have a plus one. But that's not to say you can't break the rules!

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