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When do you send out wedding invitations?

June 16, 2020

Many people will argue that wedding invitations are one of the most important pieces of wedding stationery that you will ever give out. We would be inclined to agree with this statement too! These little pieces of card give your guests all the information that they could possibly need to make sure they can attend your big day - it is a pretty important job. The most important considerations when planning your wedding invitations are content, design and, the topic of this post - timing.

When should we send out wedding invites?

Unfortunately, like with save the date cards, this question doesn't have a clear cut answer. Many of our clients send their wedding invitations out at least 4-6 months ahead of their big day - this timeframe just gives their guests plenty of time to finalise any arrangements that they would need to make, be that childcare, travel or accommodation.

The exact date you send your invitations should also depend on how far in advance your venue will require a final number count - as this will decide the RSVP date that you state on your invitations. We generally recommend giving your guests at least 4 weeks to RSVP to your invitations, and to allow yourself at least a few days/weeks between the RSVP date that you give your guests and when you need to get final numbers to your venue - just for those family members and friends that are always late!

Like the sound of working with Moments that Unite? Click here to request a quote for your dream wedding stationery package.

Like the sound of working with Moments that Unite? Click here to request a quote for your dream wedding stationery package.

The short answer...

We recommend sending your formal invitations at least eight weeks before your big day. That should give you time to allow four weeks for your guests to RSVP, and gives you a little leeway in between your RSVP date and when your venue needs numbers.

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