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What information must I include on my invitations?

June 16, 2020

Knowing what information you should and shouldn't include on your invitations needn't be complicated. There are also great ways that you can get around problematic space limitations!

Wedding invite must-haves

On the invitations themselves, you may find that what you can include is restricted by the space that you have. However, facts such as your names, the date, times and venues are all super-important and should find a home here! Every wedding invitation design that we offer (off-the-shelf and bespoke!) will have space to include these crucial pieces of information. We also include space for RSVP information - but more on that later. Of course, the exact necessary information that you require for your individual wedding may vary, however as a general rule, when you get past these crucial facts, most other information tends to be nice to have, but not strictly necessary.

For when there's not enough space...

For when there's just not enough space on a standard wedding invitation for all the information you need to give your guests, there's the range of additional information cards that we offer to match all of our wedding invitation designs. We offer:

Menu Cards

If you need to give your all-day guests their menu options ahead of your big day, there's no chance that you'd fit these options on most wedding invitations. That's where our menu inserts come in!

RSVP Cards

If there isn't really space on your invitations for RSVP information (or you'd rather give your guests a physical card to return to you with their details!), RSVP cards could be a great option for you.

Guest Information Cards

Guest information inserts are the perfect place to give your guests information on hotels, dietary requirements, gift ideas, dress codes or whatever else it might be.

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The short answer...

All wedding invitations should include the names of the couple, the date, location for the ceremony and reception, the times for any key events and, of course, your RSVP information too.

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