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What goes on a save the date card?

June 16, 2020

Save the date cards are often the first glimpse that your guests get into what your wedding is going to be all about, and so making sure they tell the story of your upcoming wedding is important. However - making sure that you include all the necessary information will make it easier (and more likely!) that your guests RSVP yes.

So... what should we include?

The absolute bare minimum for save the date cards is your names, and the date of the wedding. If you aren't planning a wedding in a far-flung location, something with a very specific dress code or whatever else it might be, this does tend to suffice.

However - if you're planning a wedding in another country (or at the opposite end of your own!), including the location, even if just the city and country, can go a long way to helping your guests start their early-days planning to enable them to attend. If your theme is specific and requires your guests turn up in a certain style of clothing, including this information at this early stage can help avoid nasty surprises further down the line.

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The short answer...

Save the Date cards need to include the names of the couple and the date, and many couples choose to include the location too.

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