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How long should we give our guests to RSVP?

June 16, 2020

When sending out your wedding invitations, one of the crucial pieces of information is how you want your guests to RSVP, and how long they have to do so. Getting this time frame right is important as your guests need time to make the relevant arrangements for time off work, childcare, accommodation or whatever else it might be. But, getting these responses can be frustrating. You'll often get a load of responses quite quickly after sending invites (you'll love organised people!), a few will straggle in, and then there will be all the guests you have to chase for an answer. The sweet spot is making sure you give your guests enough time to make decisions and necessary arrangements, but not so long they (helpfully) forget to respond.

So... how long shall I give them?

We believe the sweet spot is around the 4 to 5 week mark. Four to five weeks gives your guests plenty of time to make any necessary arrangements that they might need to put in place to enable them to attend, without giving them so long that they forget. Of course - make sure you remember to leave yourself a buffer of at least a few weeks between your RSVP deadline and your ceremony to allow you time to chase tardy responders and get final numbers to your venue and/or caterers!

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The short answer...

We recommend giving your guests at least 4 weeks to RSVP from when they will receive your invitations.

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